Tips For Acing Your First Stage Acting Performance

Performing onstage is a frightful thing that we all worry about. Although for most of us stage performances only come occasionally, stage fright is something that never truly goes away. But it is something that we can get over with good practices and habits. Acting itself is something that grows through experience and practice. But your self-acknowledgement is something that can be worked on before the performance is up. Here are some ideas to get your moral boost up.

By-hearting the lines is a must

Whenever you have time (running through jobs, housework or other) make sure to reenact your lines and act out the part that you are responsible for. Make sure that you by heart them so that you can recite them without a paper and any problem. Take off the worry about forgetting your lines in the middle of your performance. If you can get your family and friends to help out to practice with you then it will only boost your memory skills.

Avoid the deer in headlights phenomenon

Whether your co-stars have their full lace wigs on wrong or someone ends up breaking through the props, keep your cool. Do not stutter over your words or get the deer in headlights look. Stopping dead in the middle of a performance is one of the worst things that you can do on stage. Do something or the other to keep the audience engaged on the play. It does not matter whether you are not using the script, but staying in character is essential. Try to gain the audience’s attention and divert them from whatever out-of-sync situation is going on the stage.

Keep healthy throughout the time you are acting

Try to keep your health and hair in good condition. You will be wearing things like full lace wigs and a lot of hair pins so your hair must be kept in good condition by washing and conditioning properly. Your health (and especially voice) must be protected. Honey is a good antidote for sore throats after practicing a lot. Eat healthy and stay away from fast food and other unhealthy food products.

Make sure to do your warm ups before you go on stage. If you skip even the most basic of warm-ups then there is a chance of your throat ending up getting injured. Be ambitious when you are acting out your character and be sure to keep the personality of the character in tune with your acting. Embarrassment can come later when you are on backstage, so make the best of the opportunity.

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