How To Be An Effective Mobile Marketer

As a company, you should not be afraid to use marketing campaigns that make use of the technology in the world today. For example, there is the option to use mass SMS messages to convey your company updates to your customers quickly, cheaply and efficiently. Recent studies have shown that text messages are the most popular medium in the modern day. They are still used more than most other types of messaging applications. This means that more texts are read per day than WhatsApp messages and other platforms too. While there aren’t as many of them sent every day as the online messengers out there, the fact remains that almost all text messages are read by the user instead of being used, which is a huge perk for a company trying to market a product.

Don’t Be the Annoying Spammer

However, you can’t abuse this power. The phones of your customers are devices whose privacy needs to be respected. Never spam your customers with annoying, promotional messages that aren’t relevant to their own needs. This is the biggest mistake that companies make with bulk SMS campaigns, and a stop can be put to it as long as you do the right tactics to make it work. You need to think about what is in the text messages that you are sending out. The content that you send is reliant on the type of industry your business in and the goals of your company in the short and long term. Try to keep your text in the space of one message – 612 characters long. Keep it clear and concise. Show your customers who you are and what you want from them. Don’t make it too terse or too long winded either.

Time Your Messages for Maximum Effect

The times that your bulk SMS Abu Dhabi messages are sent to your customers depends on your company. Different companies have different ideal times during which it is more beneficial to them to send messages than at other times. For example, the local pizza place might send out a message at about 6pm advertising a new promotion for the night. This will motivate nearly all the customers who receive the message to take advantage of it before time runs out.

If the message had been sent earlier, people would forget it in time and lose their excitement in the whole thing. However, sending it right when people get back from work hungry and tired is a marketing tactic that will be very effective and profitable for the pizza place.

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