Five Cruise Destinations And The Best Time To Travel

Cruise ship vacations are exciting and fun for all ages. If you have a penchant for travelling and you like the idea of visiting exotic and historic places, read on. This list of five top cruise destinations will provide you with some of the benefits of travelling to each one, and when the best time is to go.


If the only thing you’ve heard about Bermuda is to do with the Bermuda Triangle, then you’ve been missing out. This tropical paradise is all warm and breezy weather, provided you go in the right season. Peak seasons are from June to August, while the off-peak seasons are from April to May and from September to October. In Bermuda, you have sun and sand, plenty of water sports, and lively local culture and cuisine. Link here to gain information about a renowned boat club that provides a convenient and practical way to use a boat rental for leisure.

The Caribbean

Not too far away from Bermuda, you can get plenty of sun and culture in the Caribbean too. Particularly if you’re looking to take a yacht charter around Christmas time. The best months to go there are February-April, June-August, and of course, Christmas and New Year time. This is great choice of location for welcoming in the New Year. The kids can enjoy themselves too without having to miss school, because these peak times land right on the holiday periods.


You can’t go looking for a yacht rental or cruise ship without at least considering Hawaii. The weather is warm but occasionally rainy. The best season for travelling is around December to April, but if you want to save a bit of money in this expensive tourist destination, opt for off-peak months (May-June or September-November). Their unique food and culture will blow you away.

The Mediterranean

If you’re looking for a vacation spot around the May-September period, this is where you need to go. If course, these beautiful islands and coastal cities will be costly for visitors, but the warm Mediterranean sun, the vibrant cultures, and the exotic and iconic food will make you spare no expense to experience it all!

South America

If you love the idea of cruising through the Amazon and stopping by the historical Galapagos Islands, then take a ship across the equator to the exotic world of South America. For those who love wildlife and history, this continent is rich in all of it. If you don’t want to pass up the experience, the best time to travel through South America is from November to March. The weather does not really change too much around the year, but you can avoid the tourist crowds by traveling in the months of April to October.

These five exotic places are some of the most picturesque, exciting, and awe-inspiring destinations in the world.

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