Finding A House In The UAE

The easiest way to find a place to live in the United Arab Emirates is to check out one of the dozens of property websites that are available. Scrolling through them, you will soon realize that property in the UAE, especially in Dubai the capital city, lives up to the reputation it holds worldwide. The houses and apartments are usually high-end and luxurious; however there is plenty of choice for you if you are looking for something a little tighter.

Tall Buildings

While no less luxurious, these houses are a little lower on the pecking order and are available to the discriminating eye. The stylish the greens apartments for rent are a good example of places which still boast a certain type of clientele without being decadent or ostentatious. They will be better appointed than your average two-bedroom let but will combine ease of access, convenience and comfort along with the brand recognition of its architect and interior decorator.

Houses and Estates

What is a country without its estates? There will always be those houses that were built in the glory days with beautiful parks and driveways that are now too difficult to be maintained by the original owners and so fall into the real-estate market. Good owners will refurbish and renovate an old place and either rent or sell their property to a private tenant who can afford it; some will hand it over to the hospitality industry to do with as they see fit. Dubai has some of the largest and most breathtaking estates in the world and if your tastes run more towards acreage than style, then this is definitely the type of house you should invest in.

Modest Homes

Then of course, there is the simple middle class family who is looking for a safe and steady home. Their best bet is to find a good house in an apartment lot as individual houses in Dubai are rather pricey. The good thing about lots is that there is always room for mobility if a better spot opens up. They are also compact, making it easier to maintain. The rent is also usually moderate and depends on the floor and the type of house you land with. These houses are also available for cheaper short term rental.

Lap of Luxury

The most expensive would be the penthouse rooms – rather, houses – in the top floor of world-class hotels. Dubai is famous for its grandeur and opulence; nowhere is it better displayed than in the expensive and opulent apartments available only to the rich and the famous. These places cannot be afforded by just anyone; your annual income should have several significant zeroes at the end if you want to even view one of these properties.

At the end of the day, the most important features of any house are that it has proper ventilation and access to the modern amenities of water and electricity.

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