Easy DIY Crafts For Adults

Recently, adult colouring books have become extremely popular thanks to the intricacy of the designs which are therapeutic to the mind. Similarly, there has been a rise in adult crafting thanks to online videos and guides and easier access to materials which allow even adults to indulge in some craft projects to while away the time. For ideas on what to craft, look no further than the list below:

Wall Decorations

Why buy an expensive painting you don’t even understand when you can make your own? Buy a small canvas that is not too expensive and cover it with newspaper. Use strips of different newspapers to give it an edgy look; the more scripts that are used in laying it all out, the better. Once it has dried, place a stencil over the canvas now covered with newspapers and paint a design or a figure using dark coloured paint. Use oil paints or acrylics; watercolours will make the newspaper soggy and won’t shine through the letters printed on it. The stencil can be bought at the store or made by you. If you are making it yourself, draw the outline of what you wish to paint on hardboard and cut it out carefully, leaving an empty space in the middle to be painted on the canvas. Dry in the sun and frame once you are finished. You can add other touched using glitter or spangles.

Greeting Cards

Instead of buying the next birthday card you have to send, think about making one. This requires some early preparation however; find some small flowers with thin petals and a stem. Place them inside a heavy, unused diary making sure that only one large flower is pressed between two pages; the next should be placed several pages after. Place weights on top of the diary and leave to dry. Check back every week to ensure that the leaves and flowers are drying well. If you don’t have a garden, go to flower shops at the end of their day and ask if you can take the cuttings or slips they are about to throw out.

Flower shops in Dubai always discard crushed flowers, but as you will be drying it, it won’t be a problem. Once fully dried, use a mild glue and toothpick to paste it onto a blank card creatively and send it off!

Cup/Mug Decorations

This can go two ways: you can make a cup from scratch and use it as a penholder, or you can decorate a plain mug. To make a cup, find a drinking glass or cup without a handle. Tear newspapers into small square pieces. Then find a glue sealant like Modge Podge or some cheap craft glue and mix it with water until it feels sticky but is fully liquid. Dip the pieces of paper in the liquid glue one by one and paste layer upon layer on the cup, allowing each layer to dry before the next goes on. You can then paint the cup with acrylic paint and varnish to give a glossy finish. To decorate the mug, find oil marker pens of different colours and either draw designs on the mug using a stencil, or paste stickers on them and colour or dot around them before taking them off to reveal the negative space left behind.

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